A new era- 4th Industrial Revolution

We’re on the verge of a new era. It’s called the 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution). Things will change sooner than we’re thinking. Here are some of the major things that are going to change the way we live.

1. Shareconomy: Imagine, no possessions! Everyone will have the access to cars, houses and other tangible properties through the concept of shareconomy. It’s already happening. Uber, Pathao are some good examples.

2. Cashless Transactions: Ever heard of the term Bitcoin? Bitcoins are virtual cash, you can buy them with actual money and spend them without worrying about taxes. It’s a system that allows you to buy things without using a middleman like a bank. This system is called Cryptocurrency, it’s a questionable system but has a lot of potentials to redefine how we make financial transactions. Future is definitely cashless.

3. AI- Artificial intelligence: AI will make robots so smart that there’s a huge possibility that soon human beings will be completely jobless. Maybe everyone will find their purpose in gaming.

4. IoT- Internet of Things: Robots will communicate with each other and collaborate better than humans.

5. 3D Printing- Prototyping: 3D printing will allow us to make prototypes faster. Which means complex forms can be made with more precision. Maybe robots will design and create more robots and solve their own problems.

6. Augmented reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality: Since human beings will have nothing left to do, maybe they’ll just use AR, VR, MR technologies to be in their world of imagination and find purpose in solving problems that don’t actually exist.

7. Renewable Energy: All the machines of future will probably get energy from sources that don’t run out easily. Like wind, sunlight, atoms etc.

8. Space traveling, Space Colonization: There’s a huge possibility of us becoming an interplanetary species. Then we’ll be able to accommodate more population. Plus exploring the universe sounds fun!


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